The 1st Business Cluster for enterprises active in Transport Sector

About the Project

Promoting collaboration and networking
  • Form a group of innovative companies
  • Connect you with international partners
  • Participate on international forums and conferences
Managing innovative projects
  • Support consortia formation and search complementarities among members
  • Support on proposal writing
  • Exploit 20 years of experience in transport research
Guiding business strategies and providing knowledge
  • Market analysis in favour of enterprises
  • Identification of niche markets
  • Mentoring on business opportunities
Enhancing the value of the sector
  • Promote new policies
  • Presence on local initiatives
  • Dissemination of news of the sector
Attracting funding opportunities
  • Contact with VC
  • Exploit international acquired links with other organizations

Services provided to enterprises

Promotion of synergies and collaborations

Support on proposals writing

Promotion of members activities

Support enterprises’ participation in international activities and initiatives

The 1st Network

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