In Compose For M&L Cluster

Initiative for Collaborative Develomemt and Exploitation of Innovative and Logistics

The project aims to support innovation in the sector:

  • by increasing the users of innovative products/services (innovation adoption by the market)
  • by maximising the capacity of the participating companies in the continuous development of the products they will develop and the creation of new products (innovation gearing) also after the end of the project, and
  • innovation multiplying through the dissemination of the project results by other third party companies.


Consortium’s main goal is to develop Innovative products with high added value. Partners of In Compose For M&L Cluster is equally responsible for the creation of Products & Services based on their knowledge and expertise as well as according with their fields of interests. Members of Cluster complement each other to develop commercially viable products in an optimal way. Companies were grouped according their fields of interest and this common focus ensures the smooth functioning of the teams, by maintaining and enhancing their motivation to participate and maximise the outcome in the creation of each Product and/or Service

Product & Services

1. Intelligent interconnected intersection for future mobility

2. Adaptive Signal System with AI

3. Fleet system for predictive maintenance

4. Next generation parking management system

5. One-stop-shop for demand-responsive mobility services

6. Digital twin & tool for analysis and assessment of charging networks and energy efficiency of electric fleets

7. Development and Application of intelligent alternative means (drones, cargo bikes and mopeds) in physical distribution

8. Platform for Interconnection in the ecosystem of logistics

9. Neutral Intelligent Logistics data hub

10. Market place for value-added e-services in logistics

The Consortium

Supporting Body



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