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One stop shop uπηρεσιών κινητικότητας προσαρμοσμένων στη ζήτηση

About the product:

Presenting a comprehensive mobility service integration platform that encompasses both a backend system and a user-friendly native mobile application. This platform serves as a central hub, seamlessly bringing together data and services from diverse mobility providers, catering to multiple essential aspects:

  • Offering users insightful multimodal information for their journeys.
  • Enabling MaaS digital service providers to harness its capabilities.
  • Facilitating the multimodal management of a city’s transportation network.

For end users, this platform becomes a powerful tool. It aggregates information, presenting an array of travel options from point A to point B. Users can seamlessly reserve or purchase individual or combined mobility services—all designed to cater to the dynamic demand and accessible on-the-go through their mobile devices.

The application stands out with its remarkable level of integration, encompassing user management, payment facilities, and the ability to craft multi-modal travel experiences as per each traveler’s specific needs. It encompasses various essential mobility services, including:

  • MaaS-enabled green fleet usage for both citizens and tourists (initial pilot programs in Rhodes and Thessaloniki).
  • On-demand public transport solutions (Thessaloniki pilot services with taxi fleets).
  • Tailored COVID-conscious mobility solutions (low-risk pedestrian routing in Athens and Thessaloniki).

Beyond its technological prowess, this platform embodies a sterling example of sound business ecosystem governance. Its establishment is firmly underpinned by the strategic role of the cluster, reinforcing its significance and viability.

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