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Ψηφιακό δίδυμο & εργαλείο ανάλυσης και αποτίμησης δικτύων φόρτισης και ενεργειακής απόδοσης ηλεκτρικών στόλων

About the product:

A digital tool for the prediction of electrified vehicle fleet state-of-health and energy efficiency  

The developed product, branded as ‘HealthyFleet’, is essentially a decision-making tool supported by the prediction of the energy, environmental, and financial benefits of fleet electrification. It leverages the combined expertise of Emisia in fleet-level emissions prediction and Exothermia/Gamma Technologies proficiency in battery and electric vehicle (EV) physics-based modeling.

This first version of HealthyFleet  includes an Electrified Vehicle database with detailed data on the expected battery lifetime, range, and energy efficiency for all common types  of xEVs as function of environmental, charging, and trip conditions. By communicating the above data with fleet-level projections, the software calculates the energy consumption and state-of-health of the fleet for user-defined scenarios (fleet composition, driving profiles and environmental conditions). Users can easily create fleet electrification scenarios (i.e. xEV year-by-year penetration rate into existing fleets), to make informed  predictions about energy demand, environmental impact, and associated costs for a given territory.

‘HealthyFleet’ addresses to a variety of potential users such as:

  • Automotive OEMs & battery suppliers
  • EV Fleet owners
  • EV charging companies
  • Policymakers
  • Research & academic institutes

Five different use cases have been defined in the first version:

  • Optimization of EV charging network to meet fleet’s charging needs
  • Environmental impact analysis of different fleet electrification scenarios
  • Effect of fleet electrification on total cost of ownership
  • Estimation of xEVs performance and aging under various environmental conditions
  • Effect of different battery technologies on energy demand and lifespan of electrified fleet

Explore the potential of HealthyFleet, starting with a sneak peek of our first ‘HealthyFleet’ applications:

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